Eurostat: 71% of internet users in Cyprus took measures to protect their data

A total of 73% of EU internet users managed the access to their personal data online in some way in 2023 in at least one way, according to information released by Eurostat, on the occasion of the Council of Europe’s Data Protection Day (28th January).

In Cyprus, this share stood at 71% in 2023, a little under the EU average.

Among other member states, the highest shares were observed in Finland and the Netherlands (both 93%), followed by Czechia (89%). The lowest shares were recorded in Romania (52%), Latvia (55%) and Slovenia (57%).

When it comes to specific measures, in 2023 only 36% of EU internet users (23% in Cyprus) read privacy policy statements before providing personal data.

Also, 54% of internet users in the EU (62% in Cyprus) refused to allow the use of personal data for advertising, and 51% (43% in Cyprus) restricted or refused access to their geographical location.

In addition, 41% in the EU (44% in Cyprus) limited access to their profile or content on social networking sites or shared online storage.

When it came to the protection of the personal data they shared, only 35% in the EU (25% in Cyprus) checked that the website where they provided their personal data was secure.

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